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Architect crazy for Treehouses. I'll make you a 3D model of the treehouse of your dreams, just for fun! Send me a picture of something that you like and I'll make you a treehouse that takes inspiration from that!
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Low-Tech Macrosystems.

#Expansive #Polyurethane #Lowtech #Installation, #Paris, France. |
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Horizontes Script by Sudtipos.

Panco Sassano with the help of Alejandro Paul has designed Horizontes, a beautiful calligraphic font. He describes Horizontes more like a personal project, but it ended in a very crafted font, with elegant lines and curves.

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 Fantasy Wire Fairy Sculptures by Robin Wight

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white majesty


white majesty


Rocas House by Studio MK27 & Renata Furlanetto

The uneven terrain has been preserved, allowing for unobstructed ocean views from all main rooms. 


gravitymachine #3 by kem3D


Soms zou het niet erg zijn als de bouw van een pand halverwege gestaakt wordt. Dat is, vanwege de schoonheid van de constructie, het geval bij dit kantoorgebouw ontworpen door Shigeru Ban Architects. Maar goed, ook nu dit gebouw met een 7 verdiepingen tellende houten constructie af is, is het een aanwinst in de stad Zurich. Het kind in de constructeur moet naar boven gekomen zijn.

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Helensvale Library and CCYC - Redefining cultural space
by lahznimmo architects 

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Your moment of zen, brought to you by Case Design Studio. Read more.


red hot: hotel porta fira, barcelona catalonia surrealist architecture/toyo ito
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red hot: hotel porta fira, barcelona catalonia surrealist architecture/toyo ito

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Ukraine-based artist Denis Gonchar’s dynamic series Flying Birds captures the essence of birds in flight.

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Commune With Nature In These 6 Productivity-Boosting Offices

We spend a third of our day, at least, in offices that aren’t always conducive to productivity and mental health—some are even actively hurting us. At a basic level, being outside, surrounded by nature, is good for us; even just having some plants around can improve morale and, in turn, productivity. Studies have also shown that natural light can help elevate productivity. So why not combine them? Here are six offices that blur the divide between the indoors and outdoors, making a day at work feel like a walk in the park (well, almost).

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