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Architect crazy for Treehouses. I'll make you a 3D model of the treehouse of your dreams, just for fun! Send me a picture of something that you like and I'll make you a treehouse that takes inspiration from that!
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Jan Kriwol

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Keio University Roof Garden by Michel Desvigne

“He does not seem at all bothered that a landscape architectural project may appear raw, young, still-in-development.”


winter magic. art and outdoors

Andy Goldsworthy

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Benthic Geometry

Vector graphic illustrations inspired by microscopic marine organisms. The complex, symmetrical forms found deep in the ocean are both alien and beautiful - ideal influence for an extensive body of mathematical compositions.

*Please credit these images to: Robbie Anson Duncan

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Nishi building by March Studio

The ceiling feature consists of 2150 pieces of reclaimed wood and 1200 steel rods holding the wood into place.

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City Park Zug by Planetage GmbH

The deceivingly simple radial timber cladding meant every individual piece is unique and needed to be manually cut. 

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The Sounds of Rust

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A gorgeous wine bottle label…